In This Issue:
1. FCC: Obama's Big Brother of "Fairness"!
2. Your rights under assault!
1. The Left's new threat to silence the right

From our Friends at The Media Research Center

More “free-speech” sleight-of-hand is coming from the Obama Administration. Early this week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced they were doing away with what we have called the Censorship Doctrine - the so-called “Fairness” Doctrine. This federal doctrine, a relic from 1949, was imposed to ensure the broadcasters gave equal time to differing political opinions.

Great news, right? Not so fast ...
According to Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell, the FCC “deserves one-handed applause” for the move. Before striking the politically volatile “Fairness Doctrine,” the FCC implemented rules of “localism,” “media diversity,” and a nebulous requirement to “serve the public interest.” All designed to empower the FCC to limit speech they don’t like.

As Brent points out, “the path to censor radio airwaves has been long paved through the back door.”

Generations of American soldiers, sailors and marines didn’t battle so that the First Amendment could be repealed by leftist government employees at the FCC. These regulations don’t exist for their stated purpose. However, they are an underhanded means for leftists in the permanent federal bureaucracy to control what the American people can hear.

Despite what the liberal media may report, threats of government control and censorship are alive and well and even thriving in the U.S. -- not just affecting the fate of political free speech on radio airwaves, but threatening EVERY American!

Liberals know that silencing us will help them to advance their socialist agenda -- unchallenged and under the radar.

ACTION: That’s why the MRC proactively launched a national grassroots petition to protect and preserve the free speech rights of Americans. Through this petition, Americans from all walks of life have the unique opportunity to answer back to the Obama Administration’s backdoor efforts to silence and suppress dissent! Click here to read Brent’s statement and to take action with the MRC.

2.Video: Your Rights Under Assault!
In a most disturbing town-hall video, a police officer illegally confiscates cameras at a Congressional town-hall event in Ohio!

What happened in Ohio’s District 1 is a particularly disturbing example of what too many members of Congress are doing with this summer’s town-hall events -- that is if they are even having a public event.

As Grassfire researchers have discovered, most members of Congress are avoiding holding town-hall meetings this month. And many who had planned them didn’t publicize them!

Now comes word that Rep. Steve Chabot’s staffers actively worked to suppress the Congressman’s constituents!

This is a clear violation of rights and Rep. Chabot should be ashamed of himself. His staff should be rebuked, an apology should be given and the officer should be punished.

Americans can’t stand for this. Town-hall events are public. It’s outrageous that a Republican Congressman would allow our rights to be trampled right before his eyes.

ACTION: That’s why Grassfire Nation has launched the “Virtual Town-Hall” initiative -- giving citizens like you an opportunity to effectively communicate to your two Colorado senators and representative. Grassfire Nation wants you to blitz Congress with tens of thousands of personal messages delivered directly to congressional offices -- in lieu of Town Hall meetings that Congress is avoiding! To make it possible for everyone to participate, GFN has set up a special FaxFire that will deliver your “Virtual Town Hall” message directly to your two Senators and your Rep for just $5. Go here right now see the disturbing video and to take part in the “$5 Fax Virtual Town Hall” campaign: