Obama backing would-be dictator in Honduras
Dallas Examiner ^ | October 15, 9:19 PM | Brian Leach The Honduran President was escorted from the Honduran presidency in June. In September, Manuel Zelaya quietly slipped back into the country and has been holed up within the Brazilian embassy ever since.
The military forced Zelaya out on June 28 because the President sought to hold a public vote to extend his term limit. It seems Manuel rather enjoys being President and doesn’t want to turn over the cushy job to a freely-elected opponent.

Hugo Chavez successfully extended his presidency of Venezuela indefinitely. The power-mad dictator first attempted to sieze power there twice in 1992. The coup d’état failed to thrust Chavez into power right away but did succeed in popularizing the man with the Venezuelan voting public.
Chavez was slapped on the wrist for his treasonous act with a two year imprisonment, followed by a pardon in 1994. After the pardon Chavez organized a socialist party in the country in preparation for the 1998 elections. Chavez won the presidency with 56 percent of the vote. Soon after Chavez’ inauguration a new constitution was approved. By February of 2009 the Venezuelan dictator was able to remove all provisions limiting his time in office. Chavez can remain “president for life” as long as he keeps winning elections.

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