Clinton China Link
A former congressional national security investigator wants to remind readers about Maggie Williams, a longtime aide to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton who recently was hired back by Mrs. Clinton's presidential campaign after the New York Democrat was hit with charges of racial insensitivity toward her top rival, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. Miss Williams, who is black, was never prosecuted on federal charges related to the 1996 Justice Department investigation into illegal campaign contribution from China, after she accepted $50,000 in 1995 from Chinese agent Johnny Chung.

Mr. Chung told Justice investigators he was the main conduit to the 1996 Bill Clinton re-election campaign for money supplied by the Chinese government through Lt. Col. Liu Chaoying. He also told investigators he took his direction from a Chinese general in charge of running Beijing's spies.

Miss Williams was given the $50,000 check, made out to the Democratic National Committee, by Mr. Chung prior to a meeting of Chinese shipping officials with Mr. Clinton in 1995.

Miss Williams joins Samuel R. Berger, the former national security adviser convicted of stealing classified documents after leaving office, who is also a campaign adviser. The official said it appears Mrs. Clinton is re-assembling many of the same officials from her husband's scandal-plagued administration, a move expected to provide political ammunition for opponents to use in the general election campaign, if she wins the Democratic presidential nomination.